Assigning Territories to Districts

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Assigning Territories to Districts

Some organizations have their territories as part of a region or district. In AlignMix you can add new districts and assign territories to them in just a few clicks. This section will show you how to do this step by step.


Step 1: Create a New District

Chapter 5 Districts Step 1a

First choose the territory you want to assign to a district and right click on it. Then select properties (2)


Chapter 5 Districts Step 1b

When you see the above pop up appear you can click on add district (2). If you already have districts created you can select them from the drop down menu, if not click the plus sign to add a new district.


Chapter 5 Districts Step 1c

Next, Name the district you want to create. For this example we will name it "North Central" (3). Then click Add(4)


Chapter 5 Districts Step 1d

And Finally click OK (5) to confirm the assignment of territory 178 to the North Central District.


And That's It