Batch Print

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Batch Print

Batch Print allows you to easily export all of your maps and data at the same time.


Step 1: Click on The AlignMix Button

Chapter 8 Batch Save Step 1


Step 2: Click Batch Save

Chapter 8 Batch Save Step 2

Once you have opened up the AlignMix Menu, click on Export (1) and then click on Batch Save Territory images (2)



Step 3: Choose Where to Save

Chapter 8 Batch Save Step 3

As soon as you click Batch Save you will see the above pop-up. If you already have a folder created for the batch save then you can click that folder in this directory and click OK (3). If you haven't created a folder you can do that by clicking Make New Folder (1), Then you can select it from the Directory (2) and then Click OK(3).


Step 4: Choose What to Export

Chapter 8 Batch Save Step 4

In this selection screen you now choose what you want to export. Selecting District or territory maps (1) will export map images of all of the territories and districts you have in your AlignMix file. Selecting Excel Report (2) will allow you to further customize the export. You can choose to include the maps embedding in the Microsoft Excel file, have a separate worksheet for zip-code data, and also to have a third worksheet for account based data. Once you have selected what you want to export click Next (3).


Chapter 8 Batch Save Step 4b

Now you will be asked to customize your export even more. Selecting the first option (4) will sort all of your territory maps into district folders. The second selection (5) will create a zip file for every district folder which will contain all of the territory maps as well as excel data (if Excel data was selected in the previous screen). Selection the third option (6) will delete anything that is in the folder that you selected in the  step 2. The final selection (7) will hide districts and territories from the batch print that so that each territory is printed individually. This is useful when you only want one out of ten or twenty districts to print. Now click next (8) to start the export process.



Chapter 8 Batch Save Step 2

As soon as you click next, you will see a status bar that shows you the progress of the Batch Save. This will take a few moments if you have a lot of territories and districts in your AlignMix file. Once it is completed the status bar will disappear and you can view your files.


Step 5: View The Saved Files

Chapter 8 Batch Save Step 5

The above image shows the export files broken down into district files.


Chapter 8 Batch Save Step 5a

If you double click on the district folders you will see the territory image files and Microsoft Excel files that are linked to each territory export.


That's It!