Chart Exports

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Chart Exports

You Can easily Export The Analysis Charts from AlignMix.


Step 1: Click Export

Chapter 6 Exports Step 1

You have three options for exporting data. Export Chart will save or copy your chart into several image formats that you can customize. Copy Chart places the chart onto your clipboard. Save chart allows you save the file but limits the customization of the chart. For this example we will use the first option, Export Chart.


Click on Export Chart and then proceed to step 2.


Step 2: Adjust Options

Chapter 6 Exports Step 2


As soon as you click on the Export Chart button you will see this pop up. This is the preview of what your exported chart will look like. We first want to adjust the options, Click on options (1).


Chapter 6 Exports Step 2a

Under options you can adjust all the details that pertain to the chart. You change the title, the axis labels and the size of the chart (it defaults to 850x450, which is the best for using in PowerPoint). You can also select the file format that you want the files to be exported as (2). When you are satisfied with your changes click back on Preview (3) to see what the chart will look like before we export it.



Step 3: Exporting

Chapter 6 Exports Step 3

On the left hand side you have all the options for exporting (1) You can create a copy and have it sent directly to your PC's clipboard where you can then paste it anywhere you want. You can click save and save the file anywhere on your PC. You can also choose to just save the data to excel. Or you can choose to print the chart to adobe pdf or any printer you have connected to your computer. When you have exported your file you can click on the OK(2) to go back to your territory alignment.


And That's It!