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Cirlce Select

Similar to Lasso Zips and Lasso Territories, Circle Select lets users collate comprehensive data on selected areas on the sales territory map. The main difference is that it creates a radial shape instead of free-form shapes or territory shapes.

This is a very useful tool when you are reviewing territories that are closely linked together.


Step 1: Activate Circle Select

Chapter 3 Circle Select Step 1

In the top menu, select (1) Home and activate the drop-down box on (2) Circle Select. By default, the featured tool here will be Lasso Zips.

Simply click on (3) Circle Select in the extended menu.


Step 2: Use Circle Select

Chapter 3 Circle Select Step 2

Circle Select lets you select territories by radius. (1) To use, simply perform a left click and hold to expand or decrease the size of the radius you want to create. At the same time, (2) it provides real-time radius size measurements in miles. If you have Index Labels visible you will see the index of the circle increase as you make the circle bigger(3)


Chapter 3 Circle Select Step 2a

Once you release the right click, AlignMix will instantly bring-up the (4) Map Query window. Here, you can see a wide variety of information about the radius you created, including total number of accounts, unassigned territories, total sales generated from the area, and many more.

To perform even more modifications in the selected territories, click on (5) Next.


Step 3: Apply Actions

Chapter 3 Circle Select Step 3

Here you choose to select what action to take with the selected territories.

1.Creating a New Territory: This will create a brand new territory from the territories you lassoed.

2.Add to an Existing Territory: Selecting this action will allow you to choose a territory from the the drop-down menu to add the selected territories to.

3.Unassign Zip Codes and Accounts: This action will unassaign every zip code and account in the territories that you have lassoed.

4.Assign Territories to a District: This action will assign every territory you lassoed to a district.



Chapter 3 Circle Select Step 4

Selecting (3) Assign to an Existing Territory will open a (4) drop-down menu where you can find a list of existing territories. Simply find where you want to assign the selected territory and click on (5) Next.



And That's it.

Chapter 3 Circle Select Step 4a