Correcting Import Errors

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Correcting Import Errors

Occasionally you'll have an import error. These can be caused by invalid Zip Codes or incorrect formatting of your titles in row 1. If you do have an error you'll have to fix it before you start the alignment process.


Step 1: You got an Error!

Chapter 1 Step 2 Correcting erorrs



Step 2: Save the Error Report

Chapter 1 Step 2a Correcting erorrs


Click on the save icon (1) a pop up will appear where you can name the file (2) and choose where to save the error report. Then Click Save (3)


Chapter 1 Step 2a Correcting erorrs


Step 3: Open the Excel Error Report

Chapter 1 Step 3 Correcting erorrs


Step 4: Figure out why there was an error

Chapter 1 Step 4 Correcting erorrs


The Excel report will show you which row of data is the error. Here you see that Account 602297 has an invalid zip code. To figure out why it's invalid we need to look back into the master account data set that we were trying to import into AlignMix.


Chapter 1 Step 4a Correcting erorrs


Looking back at your account data file you'll need to search for the "Customer ID" to track down where the error is. To do so just click <ctrl +F> in Excel and search for the account number in question. In the above example you'll notice that the customer is actually located in Canada. That's why the error appeared. When you are dealing with USA based alignments you need to make sure to remove and accounts that are not actually in the USA. Once you have fixed the errors you can re-import your data and start creating sales territories.