Creating Account Overrides

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Creating Account Overrides

Account overrides are accounts that are assigned to one territory but are actually located within another territory. Account overrides are also known as spcial ownership accounts. Typically these types of accounts need special permission from managers for them to exist. This section will show you how to create these special account overrides.


Step 1: Open an AlignMix file

Chapter 5 Creating Account Overrides Step 1


Step 2: In Excel Select the Account ID's you want Special Assign

Chapter 5 Creating Account Overrides Step 2

In Microsoft Excel Select and copy <ctrl+c> the accounts you plan to have as account overrides.


Step 3: Paste these Account ID's into AlignMix

Chapter 5 Creating Account Overrides Step 3

Now go back to your open AlignMix file and paste the Account ID numbers from the clipboard <ctrl+v). As soon as you paste these ID numbers to AlignMix you'll see a pop up appear that shows the account numbers (1) on the left side of the screen. The right side (2) shows the territory that these accounts are currently assigned to. Now click Next (3)


Step 4: Choose Which Territory to Assign These Accounts to and Confirm

Chapter 5 Creating Account Overrides Step 4

To create an override for these accounts, select assign to an existing territory (1). Then from the drop-down menu (2) select the territory that these accounts should be assigned to. Then click Finish (3)


Step 5: That's It

Just like that you have assigned these accounts to new territory and in doing so you have created account overrides.