Creating an Index

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Creating an Index

Creating an index is the first step in designing balanced territories.


What is an Index?

A sales territory index is the unit of measure that we use to create balanced sales territories.

Chapter 5 Creating an Index

The easiest way to create an Index is to use the create an Index tool in AlignMix


Before you begin creating an Index you first must make sure that you have data sets that you plan to use as part of your sales territory index calculation.



Step 1: Open an AlignMix File and Click on the Tools Tab

Chapter 5 Creating an Index Step 1

The first step in creating you account index is to open an AlignMix file and click on the Tools Tab (1)


Step 2: Click Create Index

Chapter 5 Create Index Step 2

Next, click on the "create Index" button



Step 3: Input Data for the Index

Chapter 5 Create Index Step 3


On the Calculate index screen first type in the total number of sales territories (1) that your sales territory design will have. Next, fill in the weights for each data set (2). We recommend using 60% for workload. 10% for sales and 30% for potential sales.


Chapter 5 Create Index Step 3a


When you have finished assigning the weights to your data sets click OK.



That's It.


Your sales territory index is created as soon as you click the OK button in the previous step. In order to display the index as a label on your map you simply need to configure layers and add a new label. To learn how to add this new label click here for more info.