Edit Zip Code Links

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Edit Zip Code Links

Editing Zip code links allows you to connect two zip codes in your sales territory design so that they will always be linked when re-aligning sales territories.


Step 1: Open Edit Zip Code Links

Chapter 3 Edit Zips Steps 1


Click on Tools (1)


Chapter 3 Edit Zips Steps 2


Step 2: Create Zip Code Link

Chapter 3 Edit Zips Steps 2a

On the first tab (1) you can create zip code links. You can create as many links as you require for your sales territory alignment. On the second tab you can remove these zip code links (2).  To create a link click on Add (3) to start the add link process.


Step 3: Add link

Chapter 3 Edit Zips Steps 3

As soon as you click Add in the Previous step you will be able to type in the link zip code field (1), then you type in the linked zip code in the field to its right (2). To add another zip code link simply click on Add (3), to delete this link click on Delete (4). When you have finished creating links you can click OK (5) to confirm the links.


That's It!

You have now succesfully linked zip codes together.