Importing Account Data

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Importing Account Data

Make sure to have set up your account data file according to the format in the previous section before importing your data.

You can have an account based alignment or zip based alignment. In this section you will learn how to import data for account based alignments.



Step 1: Open AlignMix


Chapter 1 Step 1 importing account data



Step 2: Click the AlignMix Tab

Chapter 1 Step 2 Importing Account Data




Step 3: Select Import-Import Data

Chapter 1 Step 3 Importing Account Data



Step 4: Select the Excel Account Data File you Want to Import

Chapter 1 Step 4aa importing account data



Step 5: Drag and Drop the Data Into the Corresponding Fields

Chapter 1 Step 5aa importing account data

First, make sure to click and drag the zip code field from the left and drop it in the zipcode/postcode field on the right.

AlignMix will not let you import any data if this step is skipped.


Chapter 1 Step 5 Importing Account Data


Click on each set of data on the left had side and drag that title to the corresponding import title on the right and then let go.

In this example:

Customer ID is dragged to Unique ID

City is dragged to City

State is dragged to State

5 Digit Zip is dragged to Zip-code/Postcode (under Location)

Segment is Dragged to Segment

Territory Number is dragged to Assigned Territory ID

Rep Name is dragged to Name (under Sales Representative)

Regional Manager Name Dragged to Region/District

Calls is dragged to Account Data

Sales is dragged to Account Data

Potential Value is also Dragged to Account Data


Chapter 1 Step 5a Importing Account Data

When you drag all the Account Data you wish to import, click Next. Next will be click-able once the required data sets are imported.



Step 6: Review the Import Summary

Chapter 1 Step 6 Importing Account Data

Click Next after you have confirmed that this is the data you want to import.


Step 7: Click Ok To Complete Import

Chapter 1 Step 7 Importing Account Data


When you click on the OK Button all of your data will officially be imported into AlignMix.


Chapter 1 Step 7a Importing Account Data

And That's It. You can now import your sales rep data or go straight to aligning territories (if sales rep data is unavailable)


Note: If you imported your account data before you've imported zip code data then your screen will look like the screen shot below.


Chapter 1 Step 8 Importing Account Data

The above image shows the exact location of every account you have imported. Each account is assigned to a territory and a sales rep. In order to color code the zip codes according to the accounts within them you need to Import Zip Code Data or Use Clean Alignment.


That's It!

Chapter 1 Step 12 Importing Account Data