Importing Rep Data

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Importing Rep Data

Importing Zip Data into AlignMix is done the same way that Account Data is imported. If you are using an Excel workbook with multiple sheets then make sure to select the proper data sheet for the import process. In this section ill include how to do that.


Step 1: Open AlignMix


Chapter 1 Step 1 importing Rep Data



Step 2: Click the AlignMix Tab

Chapter 1 Step 2 Importing Rep Data




Step 3: Select Import-Import Data

Chapter 1 Step 3 Importing Rep Data



Step 4: Select the Excel Account Data File you Want to Import

Chapter 1 Step 4 Importing Rep Data



Step 5: Select the Rep Data Worksheet.

Chapter 1 Step 5 Importing Rep Data

The AlignMix import process will automatically default to the first worksheet in your Excel workbook. As you can see in the above image this is the same screen from the account import. In order to choose a different worksheet you have to click the Back button(1).


Chapter 1 Step 5b Importing Rep Data


Next. Click on the second tab labeled "Reps" (2)


Chapter 1 Step 5c Importing Rep Data


Once you've selected the tab with the Rep Data you can click "Next"(3)



Step 6: Drag and Drop the Data Into the Corresponding Fields

Chapter 1 Step 6 Importing Rep Data

The drag and drop of data is identical to what you have done in the previous data imports (Zip and account)



Chapter 1 Step 6a Importing Rep Data

When you have Dragged and Dropped all of the data to the right side, then you can click next



Step 7: Review the Import Summary

Chapter 1 Step 7 Importing Rep Data

Click Next after you have confirmed that this is the data you want to import.


Step 8: Click Ok To Complete Import

Chapter 1 Step 8 Importing Rep Data


And that's it. When the data is imported you can view where the sales reps are located.


Chapter 1 Step 8a Importing Account Data


The above map is what the import will look like if you imported Rep Data before any account or zip data.


Chapter 1 Step 8b Importing Account Data

The above map is what the import looks like if you've imported account data first. You'll notice that each sales rep is colored the same as the territory that they are assigned to.