Importing Zip Data

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Importing Zip Data

Importing Zip Data into AlignMix is done the same way that Account Data is imported.


Step 1: Open AlignMix

Chapter 1 Step 1 importing data


Step 2: Click the AlignMix Tab

Chapter 1 Step 2 Importing Zip Data



Step 3: Select Import-Import Data

Chapter 1 Step 3 Importing Zip Data



Step 4: Select the Excel Account Data File you Want to Import

Chapter 1 Step 4 Importing Zip Data



Step 5: Drag and Drop the Data Into the Corresponding Fields

Chapter 1 Step 5 Importing Zip Data

Drag and drop the zip code from the left to location on the right (1-2). If you have data for zip codes, population, household income, etc then you use the same drag and drop method and drop the data in Zip Code Data (3)


Chapter 1 Step 5aa Importing Zip Data

Click Next when you have drag/dropped all the data fields you wish to import into AlignMix.



Step 6: Review the Import Summary

Chapter 1 Step 7 aa Importing Zip Data

In this screen you are shown a summary of the data being imported. Click Next to begin the import process.



Step 7: Click Ok To Complete Import

Chapter 1 Step 7aaa Importing Zip Data

When the import process is complete you will get an error report (if there are errors) (1). You can save this report and view where the errors are found via excel. Click Ok (2) to finalize the import.


That's it!


Now your map may look a bit odd, like the image below. This is because not every single Zip Code has been assigned to a territory; yet. This is normal, you typically wont have a client in every single zip code because there may be zero business there.


Chapter 1 Step 7 Importing Zip Data


Once you create new territories and balance them your map will look more like the image below.


Chapter 1 Step 7 Importing Zip Data