Installing International Maps

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Installing International Maps

AlignMix offers several international Maps for free. To install them you first need to go to

If you are looking for a country that we do not currently offer for free you can send a request to us. It will be an additional charge if we need to license those new shapes.


Step 1: Go to the International Page

Chapter 1 Step 1 Alignmix international


Step 2: Click Download on the Country Pack you Would Like to Install

This will start the download process. Save the file to where you typically save downloaded files. When the download is complete proceed to the next step.


Step 3: Install and Run the File

chapter 1 step 3 AlignMix international

Locate where you downloaded the international file and click it to run and install


chapter 1 step 3b AlignMix international

Here you will have a description of the international map that you are about to install. Follow the prompts. Click Next.


chapter 1 step 3c AlignMix international

Then click finish to finalize the international map install.


That's It!

You have just installed a new map into AlignMix. You can now start a new project and select this new country from the drop down menu.