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We learned a lot from developing earlier versions of AlignMix; one of the best Sales Territory Mapping packages (we might be a bit biased). Taking all the best features and cutting out the useless ones we have been able to create a fast, powerful, and easy to use sales territory mapping/design platform. This is a complete rewrite of the original code. AlignMix now contains many new  patent pending features which we hope will make your life much easier when it comes to creating new sales territories or updating old territory designs.


Some of the features include:

1.Super-easy way to change your territory boundaries (it's like finger painting)

2.Show different customer types

3.New easier way to load your data

4.Fast multi-core rendering engine (this makes the work-flow super fast)

5.Get instant feedback as you lasso zip codes and accounts

6.Up-to-date zip code boundaries (Q1 2017)

7.  Thematic maps and analysis

8.  Easy Map and Data Export


The following Chapters will go through everything you need to know in order to start creating new balanced sales territories.