Lasso Zips

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Lasso Zips

Ever wondered the total sales or potential value of certain territories in the map? Well, AlignMix has a complete set of tools that can instantly collate comprehensive data on selected areas on your sales territory map—and one of them is the Lasso Zips feature.


Step 1: Activate Lasso Select

Chapter 3 Lasso Zips Step 1

In the top menu, click on (1) Home and activate the drop-down box on (2) Lasso Select. This will open three choices: Lasso Select, Circle Select, and Lasso Territories. Select (3) Lasso Select.


Step 2: Using Lasso Zips

Chapter 3 Lasso Zips Step 2

This is basically a free-hand tool that lets you select areas and territories in your map. (1) To use, perform a right click and hold, then create a shape of your preference. If you have a territory label set (Index or sales) it will appear withing the lassoed area (2)


When you have selected all of the Zip Codes you plan to view/edit/modify simply let go of the left button on the mouse and you'll see a new pop up appear. When this happens you can proceed to the next step.


Step 3: View Summary

Chapter 3 Lasso Zips Step 3



Here in the map Query window you can see a wide variety of information about the territories you selected, including total number of accounts, unassigned territories, total sales generated from the area, and many more.

If you are satisfied with what you see, click Next.


Step 4: Apply Actions

Chapter 3 Lasso Zips Step 4

Here you choose to select what action to take with the selected territories. For this example we will combine all of these territories into one new territory(1). Then Click Next (2)

1.Creating a New Territory: This will create a brand new territory from the territories you lassoed.

2.Add to an Existing Territory: Selecting this action will allow you to choose a territory from the the drop-down menu to add the selected territories to.

3.Unassign Zip Codes and Accounts: This action will unassaign every zip code and account in the territories that you have lassoed.

4.Assign Territories to a District: This action will assign every territory you lassoed to a district.


And That's it

Chapter 3 Lasso Zips Step 4a