Mapping Hot spots

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Mapping Hot spots

One of the coolest new features in AlignMix is the ability to show hotspots on your sales territory map. Hot spot mapping is a process of showing where the high and low concentrations of data are located on the map by territory.


Step 1: Open a Completed AlignMix File

Chapter 6 Hot Spots Step 1


Step 2: Select Map

Chapter 6 Hot Spots Step 2

From the main screen while "home" is selected click on Map.


Step 3: Activate the Hot Spot View

Chapter 6 Hot Spots Step 3

Now click visible (1) on the left side of the screen. This will activate the Hot Spot view for your alignment.


Step 4: Customize the Visibility

Chapter 6 Hot Spots Step 4a

Select the data drop-down menu (2) to select which imported data set you want to use for the Hot Spot Mapping.


Chapter 6 Hot Spots Step 4b

Now select the contrast of the Hot Spots (3). The higher you set this contrast the whiter the zip codes with zero data will become. at 100% contrast any zip code without any data will be displayed as white and those zip codes with data will displayed as a color of the actual territory itself.


Step 5: View the Hot Spot Map

Chapter 6 Hot Spots Step 5

Just like that you have activated the Hot Spot view in AlignMix. This view will show you the highest concentrations of sales (or any data field that you select in the previous step). Using this map will allow you to find the strongest areas of a territory or even expose areas that need additional support.