Navigating District Tables

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Navigating District Tables

AlignMix also allows you to view all of your data by district.


Step 1: Click on the New Tab Button

Chapter 6  District Table Step 1


Step 2: Select District Tables

Chapter 6  District Table Step 2

First select Tables from the left column (1) then select the district table icon (2)


Step 3: Navigating the Chart

Chapter 6  District Table Step 3

The color of each district is displayed in the first column (1). By double clicking the color box you can instantly change the color assigned to the district. The name of each district is displayed in the second column (2). IF you have a district manager assigned to a district then their name will appear in column 3 (3). You can toggle the visibility of each district by selecting the first check box (4), and you can also lock each district (5) to prevent any changes from being made to the locked districts. The territory Column (6) give you a total count of the number of territories in each district. The account numbers (7) gives you the sum of each account segment in every district. District Data (8) gives you the totals for the all the data that is imported into your AlignMix for each district.


That's It!

Just like that you have learned how to use the District Table View.