Navigating the Analysis Chart

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Navigating the Analysis Chart

AlignMix provides you with several tools to further analyze your new sales territories. The first of those tools is the Chart analysis tool. Follow the steps bellow to learn how to use it.



Step 1: Click on the New Tab Button

Chapter 6 Step 1 Charts


Step 2: Click On Charts

Chapter 6 Step 2 Charts

When you have opened up a new tab in AlignMix you will be presented with three options. Click on the third option, Charts (1).


Chapter 6 Step 2a Charts


Next, click on the charts icon (2).


Step 3: Using the Chart

Chapter 6 Step 3a Charts

You can adjust the data set on the chart by using the drop down menu(1). The data here is the same data that you imported into AlignMix. You can also change the upper and lower bounds on the chart by simply moving the gray boundaries up and down (2) or by adjusting them manually at the top of the screen(3).  You can also use the export tools (4) to export the charts from AlignMix. A table of all of the data is also shown at the bottom left of the window (5).


And That's it.