Navigating Territory Tables

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Navigating Territory Tables

AlignMix provides you with several tables to view and analyze your new sales territories. The first of these tables is the territory table.



Step 1: Click on the New Tab Button

Chapter 6 Step 1 Tables


Step 2: Click On Tables

Chapter 6 Step 2 Tables


When you have opened up a new tab in AlignMix you will be presented with three options. Click on the third option, Charts (1).


Chapter 6 Step 2A Tables

Next, click on the charts icon (2).


Step 3: Using the Chart

Chapter 6 Step 3 Tables


This table view allows you to see all of your territories with all the data in a easy to view table. IF you click on the Sales rep Title (1) you can sort all the data by alphabetical order based on the reps name. You can actually sort any data bu clicking on any of the titles. You can also click on the check-boxes under the locked Column (2) to lock your territories so that they cannot be modified any further. Clicking on any of the data set titles will let you sort them either from smallest to largest, or largest to smallest (3) the bottom row gives a full summary of all of the totals for the entire table (4). If you click on the check-boxes at the left hand side of the table (5) you can actually delete territories from the is view by clicking the delete button (6). If you accidentally deleted a territory, don';t worry you can always undo that action.