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Options Menu

Application Options is one of the most basic features of AlignMix. Through it, you can edit a wide range of information about your sales territory map, ranging from file format to preferences in geography.

Let’s get started.


Step 1: Click the AlignMix Application Button

Chapter 2 Options Menu Step 1

In the home screen, open the AlignMix button located at the upper left-portion.


Step 2: Select Application Options

Chapter 2 Options Menu Step 2

When the menu expands, select Application Options.


Step 3: General Options

Chapter 2 Options Menu Step 3

Once the Application Options, it will open this window. From here, you can configure numerous items—General, View, Geography, Table, and Project.

To start, click on (1) General. This category lets you select the File Format of your sales territory map. Activating the drop-down box for (2) File Format gives you three options: Binary, Compressed, and Portable. Just select your preference.


The default format is AlignMix Portable.


Once you’re finished, proceed to the next step.


Step 4: View Options

Chapter 2 Options Menu Step 4

Select (1) View and it will open up this window. Here, you can see three editable options: (2) Latitude & Longitude Display Format lets you configure the real-time geographic information that will be displayed on the map—it can be Signed Decimals or Degrees, Minutes, & Seconds (for more on this, please see ‘Understanding Layout Basics’); (3) Display allows you to set your preferred Color Scheme and Color Accent for the map by activating the corresponding drop-down menus; and (4) Screen Resolution lets you configure the ideal display setting for your system.


When you’re finished, proceed to the next step.


Step 5: Geography Options

Chapter 2 Options Menu Step 5

Up next, click on (1) Geography. Under (2) Default Geography, you can edit three fields: Country lets you select the country for the map (currently, US is the only available country); Geography lets you select whether the information displayed on the map will be 5 Digit Zip Codes or US Counties; finally, toggling Distances in Miles lets you set the unit of measurement for the Distance tool (for more on this, please see Distance)


When you’re finished, proceed to the next step.



Step 6: Project Options

Chapter 2 Options Menu Step 7

Lastly, click on (1) Project. Here, toggling (2) Rep Name is ID means IDs will be used to identify sales representatives on the map (for more on this, please read ‘Using Views’ and ‘How to configure Layers?’) In the naming convention area (3) you can adjust what terms should be used in your AlignMix file.

(4) Once you’re finished, click on OK to save the changes you made or Cancel to abort them. Take note, both these options are available in all previous steps.