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AlignMix comes with a wide suite of features that enable you to perform a variety of actions—ranging from zoom in and out functions to calculating distance and re-coloring territories. In this next chapter, we will teach you how to use the Pan tool, which is essential for navigating your sales territory map.


Step 1: Activate Pan Tool

Chapter 3 Pan Tool Step 1

At the top menu, select (1) Home then click on the (2) Pan. This will activate the Pan mode. After that, proceed to the next step.


Step 2: Navigate the Map

Chapter 3 Pan Tool Step 2

Once the mode has been activated, simply click-and-drag the cursor to navigate the map. This allows you to freely view the entire territory.

Additionally, you can activate Pan from different modes by pressing (and holding) the space bar.

It's That Easy!

Using the Pan feature is that simple. This tool can be incredibly helpful when you want to freely navigate your sales territory map—but it is just one of the many user-friendly features designed with AlignMix. To learn more about them, please continue reading this chapter.