Re-assiging Sales Reps

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Re-assiging Sales Reps

You will want to re-assign your sales reps f they have moved, if your data is incorrect, or you plan to relocate them. It is very easy to move around your sales reps in AlignMix.


Step 1: Click on Edit Reps

Chapter 5 Re Assiging Sales Reps Step 1

First select home(1) and then click on Edit Reps(2)



Step 2: Edit Sales Rep Details

Chapter 5 Re Assiging Sales Reps Step 2

In this pop up you can modify all of your sales rep details. First select the rep you want to edit or re-assign(1), you can then adjust the name(2) Change the home zip code(3) or delete the sales rep all together(4). Once you've made your changes you can click OK(5)



And that's it