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Whether you’re re-assigning territories or re-coloring them for preference, the Recolor feature of AlignMix is an easy-to-use tool for modifying your sales territory map.


Step 1: Activate Recolor

chapter 3 Recolor Step 1

In the top menu, select (1) Home and activate (2) Recolor. This puts your cursor in recolor mode.


Step 2: Use Recolor

chapter 3 Recolor Step 2

First, select the territory you want to recolor. For this example, it is Nashville..

chapter 3 Recolor Step 3

Once you’ve identified the target, aim your cursor over it and perform a left click.

This will automatically change the color of the area. (2) As seen here, Nashville went from brown to red. You can continuously left click to view other available color options.

Also, the Recolor action can be activated by holding <R> and performing a left-click.


That's It!


Recolor is one of many features under the AlignMix suite. It is a very helpful tool in performing quick edits on your sales territory map. To learn more about the software’s basic features, please continue reading this chapter.