Searching for Accounts

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Searching for Accounts

In the newest AlignMix update you are now able to search for accounts. You can also assign, re-assign, or un-assign these accounts during this process. This feature comes in very handy when you are dealing with multiple accounts that need to be move from territory to another.


Step 1: Open an AlignMix File

Chapter 3 Searching for accounts Step 3


Step 2: In Excel Select the Account ID's you want to search for

Chapter 3 Searching for accounts Step 2

In Microsoft Excel Select and copy the account IDs you wish to search for in AlignMix. These account IDs must be the same IDs that were imported into AlignMix during the data import process.


Step 3: Select Paste from Clipboard

Chapter 3 Searching for accounts Step 3a


First, click on the Tools menu(1) then select Paste from Clipboard (2)


You can also use <ctrl + v> to bring up the Paste from Clipboard tool


Step 4: Confirm and Click Next

Chapter 3 Searching for accounts Step 3

Right away you'll see a pop up screen that that shows a summary of the accounts you just pasted (1). Click Next proceed to the next step (2)


Step 5: Select an Action

Chapter 3 Searching for accounts Step 4

On this next screen you choose what you would like to do with the accounts that you pasted into AlignMix. You can either assign all of these accounts to a new territory (1), and then you choose the territory from the drop down menu on the right. You can also assign these accounts to a brand new territory (3). Un-assign these accounts (4) Or you can delete the accounts (5). To confirm your choice simply click Finish (6).


That's it


The actions have been completed as soon as you click finish in the previous step. This process can also be used to create account overrides. For more info on creating account overrides click here.