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Shortcuts make life easier. Below you will find all the keyboard shortcuts that you can use to streamline and speed up your sales territory design process.



[Ctrl+T] Territory Export to Microsoft Excel


[Ctrl+2] Hide top account segment


[Ctrl+3] Hide second account segment


[Ctrl+4] Hide third account segment


[Ctrl+5] Hide fourth account segment


[Ctrl+d] Pull up Data Definition


[Ctrl+0] Zoom out 100%


[Ctrl+s] Save


[Ctrl+o] Options


[Ctrl+f] Search


[Ctrl+z] Undo


[Ctrl+y] Redo


[Ctrl+l] Map Layer Configuration


[Ctrl+F1] Full Screen Mode


[Ctrl+h] Hot Spot View


[Ctrl+g] Customer Segmentation Options


[Ctrl+Alt+b] Batch print


[Ctrl+right click] Territory Properties


[Ctrl+mouse wheel scroll] Adjusts the circumference of touch align circle


[ Decrease size of touch align circle


] Increase size of touch align circle


[F5] Toggle between Account/territory view and Account Segment View


[Ctrl+Alt+e] New Static Layer Creation


[Ctrl+Alt+k] Create Territory Index


[r+right mouse click] Change color of territory


[space bar] Activate Pan mode while holding space bar


[a + Left Click of mouse] While touch align tool is active. This shortcut will create a brand new sales territory


[Shift + Tab] Switches between open tabs


Click and hold B while using touch align to pause touch alignment. Release B to resume touch align tool


Holding L and clicking on a sales territory will now lock the selected sales territory