Filtering Data

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Filtering Data

You can filter data by territory or account type by using the lasso select tools in AlignMix. This tool come sin very handy when you want to see what the value of a potential territory is, or if you want to see select accounts in a certain region, and then maybe assign only those types of accounts to another territory.


Step 1: Select an Area on the Map

Chapter 3 Sorting Data Step 1

Using any of the lasso tools you need to select an area on the map. In this example I used the Lasso Zip tool (1) to select an area that covers 5 territories. This selection has an Index of 1,710 (2). To learn how to adjust territory labels click here Setting the Index as a Label. When you let go of the lasso select tool you'll be presented immediately with a pop up (3). Then proceed to step 2.


Chapter 3 Sorting Data Step 1a



Step 2: Select Filter and Choose Filter Parameters

Chapter 3 Filtering Data Step 2

When on the summary screen select the "filter" tab (1). Here you can choose hot to sort your data. Clicking the drop-down territory menu (2) you are able to choose which territory you would like to use in the filter.


Chapter 3 Filtering Data Step 2a


In the second dropdown menu (3) you can select a filter by accounts. In this example I will filter all the B accounts in territory 178

Chapter 3 Filtering Data Step 2b


When you are ready to go to the next step, click Next (4)

Chapter 3 Filtering Data Step 2c



Step 3: Choose what to do with this Selection

Chapter 3 Filtering Data Step 3


Now its time to choose what you would like to do with this selection. For this example we will select Create a new territory. This will create a new territory out of the area we selected using the lasso zip tool in only the area that covers territory 178 and only with B accounts. Click Next.


That's it

Chapter 3 Filtering Data Step 4


Just like that you are able to create a new territory by filtering accounts from a selected territory by using any of the lasso select tools.