The Layout

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The Layout


The Home Screen


Chapter 2 Layout Home Screen 1a


1.The AlignMix Menu. From here you can access the options, save, import, export, and application updates.

2.Home Screen: Descriptions of the home screen can be found below.

3.View: A breakdown of the view tab can be found Changing Views

4.Tools: The tools tab consists of data definition, rep editing, clean alignment and a few export tools. Each one of these is explained in detail in the next few chapters.

5.Info: The info tab contains your software license and copyright information. This is where you would go if you have a new product key to enter once your license expires.

6.Map: Here you can toggle on/off the hot spot territory view.


Chapter 2 Layout Home Screen


1.Application Mode: This is where you will find all the tools you need to create and modify territory alignments.

2.Alignment Scope: The scope is what you are actually using to assign territories. You can toggle this between Zip codes. accounts or both.

3.Max Zoom: Clicking on Maximum Zoom will zoom your screen so that the continental United States is zoomed into the center of your screen.

4.Tools: Here you can configure the layers that are displayed on the map, edit and/or delete imported data, edit sales reps, and search for zip codes

5.Geo Code:  As you hover over your accounts you'll notice that the geo location at the bottom left of your screen will change to match the actual coordinates.

6.Account Name and ID: You can use your mouse to hover over any account and it will display the Name, ID, and City here and it will change as you move to other accounts.

7.Sum of Territories: This is where you will see the total number of accounts displayed on your map.

8.Zoom Level: You can adjust the level of zoom by clicking on the minus or plus sign and by using the slider.

9.Additional Tabs: This is where you click to access the analysis tools. More information about these tools can be found in Chapter 6: Analysis Tools

10. The Map: This is your sales territory design. Each color represents a different territory. In the next few chapters you will learn how to create, edit, delete, modify these territories.