Touch Align

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Touch Align

Looking to expand a certain territory? Then you should learn how to use the Touch Align tool. This innovative feature lets AlignMix users perform precision territory adjustments in the comfort of a few mouse clicks.


Step 1: Activate Touch Align

Chapter 3 touch alignTool Step 1

First, activate the tool by selecting (1) Home and clicking on (2) Touch Align. This will enable the feature.


Step 2: Use Touch Align

Chapter 3 touch alignTool Step 2

Once activated, your cursor will become a circle with a target at the center of it. The size of its cursor can be enlarged or reduced using the bracket buttons on your keyboard. After that, identify an area you want to expand.

Chapter 3 touch alignTool Step 2a

In this example, we are looking to expand the pink territory further to the orange territory. To perform this action, (1) simply left click and hold on the area you want to expand and drag it to the territory you want to expand to.  Then let go (2).

Chapter 3 touch alignTool Step 2b


It’s that easy! AlignMix is designed with a wide range of easy-to-use features to allow users to have optimum configuration and control over their sales territory designs. While the Touch Align allows you to adjust territories, its Recolor tool lets you recolor entire sales territories with one click. To learn more about this, please follow this link.