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Under Over

The under over chart will allow you to see which territories are over and under the boundaries you have set. This comes in useful when you are trying to get ever territory within a certain window. We typically use this for the Index where we have every territory +- 15% of 1000 points. This map will show you which territories are above and below these bounds.


Step 1: Open an AlignMix File

Chapter 6 Under Over Step 1


Step 2: Open a New tab and Select the Over Under Option

Chapter 6 Under Over Step 2a

Click on the new tab button (1)


Chapter 6 Under Over Step 2b

Next, make sure the Maps (2) option is selected on the left side and then click the Under Over icon (3) As soon as you click on the Under Over Map Icon you will see the new tab open up (below) showing you the Under over map.


Chapter 6 Under Over Step 3


Step 3: Customize the Under Over Map

Chapter 6 Under Over Step 3a

Here you can choose which data set to use for the Under Over map and what the colors and boundaries should be. Select the drop-down menu (1) to choose the data set you wish to use. The Color that will be used for the lower bounds is located at marker 2, you change it to any color you desire. The same goes for point 4, the upper boundary color. Point 3 and 5 are where you set the values of the boundaries and the percentage of tolerance.


Step 4: Viewing the Map

Chapter 6 Under Over Step 4

In this example I have chosen to use the index as a data set with the lower bounds at 850 and the upper at 1150. The map now displays which territories are over (red) and under (blue). The white territories on the map are the territories that fall within the bounds that we selected. This type of view can be used to pinpoint which territories are to low/high based on the territory index.


That's It!