Using Circle Select to Balance Existing Territories

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Using Circle Select to Balance Existing Territories

The Circle select tool is very simple tool that selects a circle of zip codes. This is the ideal tool to use when trying to create a territority a certain number of miles out from a rep in every direction. For an introduction to the Circle selece tool please refer back to Cirlce Select


Step 1: Activate The Circle Select tool

Chapter 5 Circle Zips Step 1 

To activate the Circle select tool you must simply click on the top left of the AlignMix application (1) activate the drop down menu and choose the Circle Select Option (2)



Step 2: Choose Where to use the Circle Select Tool

Chapter 5 Circle Zips Step 2 

Now it's time to use the Circle Select tool. First you must choose what area you will use the tool on. In the above example we will be expanding the light blue territory to the north east.


Step 3: Use the Circle Select Tool

Chapter 5 Circle Zips Step 3 

To use the Circle Select tool click and hold the left button on your mouse on the area that you wish to be the center of the circle (1) then while holding the left button down drag the mouse in any direction to expand the circumference of the circle (2). When you have reached the desired radius you can let go of the left button. (If you have the index layer visible you will see the index go up and down for the zip codes you are selecting with the circle select tool)



Step 4: View summary and Click Next

Chapter 5 Circle Zips Step 4 

The pop up will show a summary screen of what you have selected with the Circle Select Tool. You'll see the total calls, Sales, Potential Value and Index under the Data Section. You'll also see what territories are being effected, and a count of the customer segments in the Circle Select area. Once you review this screen you can click next.


Step 5: Apply Action

Chapter 5 Circle Zips Step 5 

In this next screen you must select what action to perform for the area you have Circle Selected. You can either create a brand new territory, assign the  area to a current territory (the first one on the drop down menu will be the territory you had clicked when you started the Circle Select process), or you can un-assign the zip codes and accounts. For this example we will select "Assign to Existing Territory (1) and choose the Light Blue territory which is territory 113 (2) and then click next (3)


And that's it.

Chapter 5 Circle Zips Step 6