Using Clean Alignment

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Using Clean Alignment

There may be times when you have missed a point zip or even an account while working on a new territory design. Using the Clean Alignment tool you'll be able to make sure each account and zip is assigned to where it should be without having to comb through every inch of your map. This will save you hours and sometimes even days of scouting work. The following steps will show you how to clean your sales territory alignment with just a few clicks.



Step 1: Click on Clean Alignment

Chapter 5 Clean Alignment Step 1

To select on Clean Alignment first click on the Tools Tab (1) and then on the Clean Alignment Button (2)


Step 2: Select What You Want to Clean Up

Chapter 5 Clean Alignment Step 2

At this tip you decide what kind of clean up you would like to perform on your territory alignment. (1)

Unassigned Zip Codes: This will assign all of the unassigned zip codes to a territory

Point Zip Codes: This will assign all unassigned point zip codes to the territory it is next to.

Reset Account Overrides : Resetting overrides will remove overrides from and assign those accounts to the territory that they are located in.


For this example we will select the first option, Unassigned Zip Codes. Then you can click Next (2)



Step 3: Select Criteria for Clean Up

Chapter 5 Clean Alignment Step 3

In this screen you select what criteria you want to use to clean the unassigned zip codes. The first option (1) allows you to choose from the data you imported into AlignMix (2). The second option (3) will assign all of the unassigned zip codes to the nearest territories.


We will select Closet Territory (3), then click Next (4)


And That's It

Every Zip code that was accidentally overlooked will now be assigned to a territory. This prevents any issues when it comes to importing your data into your crm system.