Working with Account Overrides

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Working with Account Overrides

An account override is an account that is located outside of its assigned territory. These types of accounts typically need special permission from a manager in order for them to exist because a sales rep is essentially traveling through someone else's territory to reach this one account. Why do overrides occur? Sensitive client relationship or satellite offices are typically the main reasons you would have an Account like this.


In the next few steps I will show you how to Identify, create, and fix account overrides.


Step 1: Click New Tab and Select Table

Chapter 5 Creating Account Overrides Step 1

First make sure you have an AlignMix file open with data already imported. Then Select the "Add Tab" button (1)


In this new tab select tables (2) the click on the table icon to the right (3)

Chapter 5 Creating Account Overrides Step 1b


Step 2: Find the Account Overrides in the Table

Chapter 5 Creating Account Overrides Step 2a

In the above image you will see the Overrides column, it is split into Gains and Loses. Gains mean that the territory has accounts found outside of its territory. And loses mean that there are accounts withing it's territory that belong to other territories.


To locate these override accounts you can double click on the number. In this example we will double click on the "2".

Chapter 5 Working with Overrides Step 2b


Step 3: Locate the Overrides on the Map

As soon as you double click on the number "4" in the previous step you will be taken back to the first tab; your sales territory map and be zoomed in to the area where these overrides can be found.

Chapter 5 Working with Overrides Step 3


You will then see an image similar to the one above. If you don't see any account icons. Make sure to turn them on by clicking View(1) then accounts(2)


Chapter 5 Working with Overrides Step 3a


Now we have to pinpoint the accounts that are overrides. To change the view from account colors to assigned territory colors simply click on "Accounts" (3). This will change the colors of every account to match the color of the territory that they are currently assigned to.


Chapter 5 Working with Overrides Step 3b

Right away you will notice that there are several account overrides in the yellow territory that either belong to the blue territory or the purple territory. To correct this you can simply use the territory lasso tool to lasso these accounts and then assign them to the correct territory.


Step 4: Removing all Account Overrides

You may at one point during your sales design process decide that there shouldn't be any account overrides. Instead of scouring the table and map and then correcting each account individually you can make this change in one click to the entire sales territory alignment. First click on tools (1) then click on "Clean Alignment" (2)

Chapter 5 Working with Overrides Step 4


Step 5: Select Reset Account Overrides

Chapter 5 Working with Overrides Step 5

Select "Reset Account overrides" (1). This selection will reset ever sales account override in your sales territory map and assign each account to the territory that it is located in. Then click Next (2)


Step 6: Click Next on the Summary Screen

Chapter 5 Working with Overrides Step 6

This screen simply gives you a summary of what will happen with this selection. Click Next.


That's It!

Chapter 5 Working with Overrides Step 7

Just like that you have reassigned every account override to the territory that that account is located in.