Zip Code Thematic Mapping

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Zip Code Thematic Mapping

Thematic Mapping tools can allow you to further analyze your sales territories and find under/over performing zip codes.


Step 1: Open New Tab

Chapter 6 Zip Code Thematic Map Step 1


Step 2: Select Zip Code Thematic Map

Chapter 6 Zip Code Thematic Map Step 2

First select the map option from the left column (1). Then select Thematic Zip Code Map (2)


Step 3: View the Zip Code Thematic Map

Chapter 6 Zip Code Thematic Map Step 3


In the above screenshot you will notice that some zip codes are white and others are different gradients of blue. The darker zip codes have a higher number of accounts and the lighter ones have lower counts of accounts. The data set used for this thematic analysis can be changed by clicking the drop down menu at the top (1).

1. Drop down menu to adjust the data set to be reflected in the thematic map

2. Custom Categories. This will be discussed in more detail below. Here you can adjust the colors and buckets for this thematic map

3. Reverse color map. This option will swap the high and low colors. In this example all the zero accounts would be changed to the dark blue color if this option was selected.

4. Equal count. This is the default selection. Equal count will split the selected data set equally among the buckets.

5. Equal range. This selection will allocate proportionately among the buckets.

6. Here you can adjust the color of the thematic maps


Step 4: Adjusting Custom Categories

Chapter 6 Zip Code Thematic Map Step 4a

First. Lets adjust the data that we will use for this thematic map (1). For this example we will use Sales. Next, click on custom categories (2)


Chapter 6 Zip Code Thematic Map Step 4b


In this customization screen you can modify the color and number of data buckets in your thematic map. Clicking on the first bucket (1) will show which bucket number it is, in the drop down box (1). You can then choose to change the color of this individual bucket (2). Selecting Buckets (3) you can adjust the total number of buckets. Adjusting the legend (4) will modify how many of these buckets are shown in the legend.


That's It!

Chapter 6 Zip Code Thematic Map Step 5

That's it. You have just learned how to navigate the Zip Code Thematic Map