With over 100,000 users, MapPoint was the go-to software for creating sales territories from the year 2000 until 2013 when Microsoft pulled the plug on the software. Since 2013, the Internet has been searching for a reliable MapPoint replacement. As chance would have it, AlignMix was launched at just about the same time that MapPoint was shut down by Microsoft.

AlignMix was developed in the mid 2000’s but was only used for consulting clients by Cozmix Inc. Around 2011 the Cozmix team realized that AlignMix would be a very valuable tool for businesses to use internally. The Cozmix team then redesigned the software from the ground up, making it fast and super easy to use. AlignMix is updated regularly with new features and tools in order to make the sales territory design process as easy as possible.

MapPoint Limitations:

In its prime, MapPoint was a very powerful tool for creating and managing sales territories. Since 2013 it has become clear that the software is extremely outdated. If you were to use MapPoint now, you would notice some major limitations like:

  • Outdated Data
  • Lack of Customer Support
  • Only 8 Account Types Can be Imported
  • No Sales Rep Mapping
  • Not designed for High Resolution Monitors
  • Only two ways to manually create sales territories
  • No Sales Hierarchy Function
  • Limited Export Options

Outdated Data:

Some loyal MapPoint users are still using the software 6 years after Microsoft stop providing support for it. Because of the lack of support, the Zip code shapes built into MapPoint 2013 V19 are very out of date. USPS is constantly adding, merging, and removing zip codes in the USA. If you are looking to create accurate sales territories, then using shapes from 2013 is not beneficial for your organization. The data that Microsoft MapPoint packed into the software is also out of date because the demographic data sets are from 2013. Using this data to create balanced and optimized sales territories is like using a Model T ford to drag race against a brand-new corvette. AlignMix Pro has zip code shapes that are updated twice per year. These and all updates are included in your annual AlignMix Pro license. AlignMix also provides over 290 demographic data sets that you can import into any sales territory map.

Customer Support:

Customer support is something that is extremely important when working with any new piece of software. Since MapPoint is no longer supported or sold by Microsoft, that means there is zero support for the software outside of old and outdated online forums. With AlignMix you have access to support almost 24/7. Simply email the support team or reach out on our live chat on the website and the customer support team will reach out to you as soon as possible with answers. The AlignMix how-to section also shows how to import data, create sales territories, balance sales territories and then export your data. These videos are updated when the software is updated so that you are getting the most up-to-date help videos.

Customer Segments:

A major limitation in the last version of MapPoint was that you could only map 8 segment types. If you used all those 8 icons, then you could not map your sales reps because the sales rep import process was part of the account import process. They were not separated at all. In AlignMix Pro you can import 100+ different account segments and have a separate icon for your sales reps so that you can show the locations of all sales reps in relation to their assigned sales territories.

Creating Sales Territories:

MapPoint would let users import their existing sales territories and then the software would create the geographic sales territories for you. AlignMix works the same way but has a much easier to use interface. When creating new sales territories, you could only create square-like sales territories in MapPoint by right clicking and dragging out the shape. You could then manually move individual zip codes by double right clicking on a zip code. For the year 2000 this was a great tool, but now almost 20 years later we need tools that are more flexible. AlignMix allows you to create sales territories several ways. The lasso tool allows you to create a custom shape using a lasso; anything that you lasso will be selected for the new sales territory you plan to create. You can also use the circle tool that creates a circle and selects all the zip codes and accounts that are found in that circle, which you can then create a sales territory from. The final way of manually creating sales territories is by using the touch align tool. The touch align tool is like a paint tool. You simply click, hold, and drag. This simple process will create a sales territory as you drag the cursor over zip codes and accounts. When you let go, the sales territory is immediately created.

AlignMix comes with the ability to create a Sales Territory Index that allows you to assign a percentage weight to any data set that has been imported into the map. The software will then create a new data set; The Territory Index. An ideal sales territory will have 1000 index points. To balance all your sales territories, you then use the lasso and touch align tools to move the territory boundaries in order to have all your sales territories fall into plus/minus 15% of that 1000 index points. This is how you can create balanced and optimized sales territories in AlignMix.


MapPoint when launched was perfect for creating sales territories and mapping out sales accounts. Many organizations do not only have sales territories, but they also have districts and sometimes even regions. Territories are assigned to districts, and districts are assigned to regions. This type of hierarchal structure was not possible to create in MapPoint. You would have to create three separate files in MapPoint in order to achieve this type of set up. In AlignMix you can create and assign a hierarchy via a simple data import or with a couple clicks within the software.


Google maps has taken the world by storm. It is used by almost everyone. That is why AlignMix now allows you to create a KML export that can then be imported into google maps. This allows you to view your sales territories, sales districts, sales regions, accounts, and sales reps overlaid on a google map. You can even share these maps with other users that do not have an annual AlignMix Pro license.

AlignMix Free Trial

If you are looking for a reliable up to date replacement for Microsoft MapPoint, then give AlignMix Pro a try. As a first-time user you will receive a two-week free trial of the Pro version that will allow you to import unlimited data sets, create and manage sales territories, and reach out to customer support if you get stuck. To download the free trial, click here.

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