Task List

Introducing the innovative Task List feature in AlignMix 2024, meticulously designed to streamline your sales territory mapping and territory design process. With this cutting-edge addition, AlignMix 2024 enhances your alignment strategy by integrating a dynamic to-do list directly within your project file. Seamlessly create and manage your tasks, ticking off completed objectives and adding new ones as your project evolves. The Task List ensures that your sales territory alignment is always on track, reflecting the latest objectives and strategies. For added convenience, tasks can be instantly imported from your clipboard, making the transition from planning to execution virtually effortless. When it's time to review or share your progress, the Task List can be effortlessly exported, keeping your team synchronized and focused on achieving territorial excellence. This feature is a true game-changer for professionals dedicated to maintaining an organized and efficient approach to sales territory alignment.

Display Territory Centers

In the latest AlignMix 2024 update, users can now effortlessly visualize territory centers on their sales design maps. This innovative feature allows for the display of either the geographic center or a weighted center, tailored to your unique data sets, including the alignment index. By default, these crucial centers are represented as stars on the map, providing a clear, intuitive view for optimal territory mapping. Moreover, for comprehensive sales design alignment analysis, the zip code center information is readily exportable to Excel. This enhancement streamlines the process of sales territory mapping, ensuring a more efficient and effective sales design strategy.

Territory District and Region Centers

AlignMix 2024 introduces enhanced capabilities for district and region mapping in sales design. This advanced update allows users to define and visualize the centers of districts and regions within their sales territories. Whether it's the geographic midpoint or a weighted center based on specific data sets, including alignment indexes, users can effortlessly display these centers as stars on their maps. This feature is pivotal for creating a hierarchical structure of assignments within districts and regions, enhancing the clarity and effectiveness of sales territory mapping. Additionally, AlignMix 2024 facilitates a seamless integration with Excel, allowing for the export of zip code center data. This is instrumental in optimizing district and regional planning in sales design alignment strategies.

Custom Colors

AlignMix 2024 now offers a groundbreaking feature for sales design alignment and territory mapping: the ability to create and edit custom color palettes. This versatile functionality applies to territories, districts, and regions, allowing for a high degree of customization. Even existing color palettes can be modified to suit your needs. This means users can tailor the appearance of their sales territories, districts, and regions to align with their company’s branding colors. This enhancement not only improves the visual appeal of sales territory maps but also reinforces brand identity within sales strategies. Whether it's tweaking existing palettes or crafting new ones, AlignMix 2024 makes it simple to synchronize your sales design alignment with your corporate aesthetic

Customize Account Icons

AlignMix 2024 revolutionizes sales design alignment and territory mapping with its latest feature: the ability to customize all account icons in unison. This significant enhancement eliminates the time-consuming process of modifying each account icon individually, especially beneficial for files with numerous segments. Users can now simultaneously change the size and appearance of all account icons, streamlining the customization process. This update not only saves valuable time but also ensures consistency and uniformity across your sales territory maps. With AlignMix 2024, enhancing the visual representation of your sales territories, districts, and regions is more efficient and effective, aligning perfectly with the needs of dynamic sales strategies

Export Lossoed Data

AlignMix 2024 introduces a dynamic new feature enhancing sales design alignment and territory mapping: the capability to export data lassoed using the zip code and territory lasso tools directly to Excel or the clipboard. This feature applies to the zip code lasso tool, allowing users to easily select specific zip codes and accounts. Additionally, the territory lasso tool facilitates the selection of entire territories, encompassing both zip codes and accounts. This advancement simplifies the process of data analysis and presentation for sales territories, districts, and regions. Now, with just a few clicks, AlignMix 2024 users can seamlessly transfer critical lassoed data into Excel for further analysis or to the clipboard for quick sharing and reporting. This enhancement significantly boosts efficiency in managing and visualizing sales data, streamlining the workflow in sales design alignment strategies.

Batch Delete

AlignMix 2024 now boasts a powerful Batch Delete Tool, revolutionizing the process of sales design alignment and territory mapping. This tool is designed to provide users with unparalleled control and flexibility, allowing for the deletion of various data elements in bulk. Whether it's removing zip-to-territory assignments, district and region assignments, accounts and account segments, any or all data sets, or sales representatives, this tool offers comprehensive functionality. Users can choose to wipe out all the data or just specific segments, depending on their needs. This feature significantly enhances the efficiency of managing and restructuring sales territories, districts, and regions. The Batch Delete Tool in AlignMix 2024 simplifies the process of data management, enabling users to easily modify or streamline their sales strategies and alignments with just a few clicks.

Incontiguous Tool

AlignMix 2024 introduces an invaluable feature for enhancing sales territory management: the Incontiguous Tool. This tool is specially designed to identify and address non-contiguous sales territories. With this update, the territory table in AlignMix 2024 now indicates the number of non-contiguous segments within each territory. Users can conveniently toggle between these segments, viewing each separately. This functionality enables a more detailed and efficient analysis, allowing users to reassign zip codes to appropriate territories and rectify any discontinuities. This feature is a significant step forward in ensuring that sales territories are geographically coherent and strategically aligned. The Incontiguous Tool simplifies the process of maintaining well-defined and contiguous sales territories, districts, and regions, thereby enhancing the overall effectiveness of sales design alignment strategies.

Retired Zip Codes

AlignMix 2024 takes sales design alignment and territory mapping to the next level with its automatic zip code updating feature. When importing data, AlignMix 2024 now intelligently identifies and updates old zip codes to their current counterparts based on geographic location. This seamless update process ensures that your sales territory maps are always up-to-date with the latest postal changes. Additionally, users can access and review a list of retired zip codes that have been updated during the import process. This feature streamlines the maintenance of sales territory data, ensuring accuracy and relevance in your sales strategy. With AlignMix 2024, staying on top of geographical changes in sales territories, districts, and regions is effortless, enhancing the precision and effectiveness of your sales design alignment.

Clean Alignment

AlignMix 2024 enhances its suite of tools with an updated Clean Up Tool, a major boon for sales design alignment and territory mapping. This advanced tool is tailored to transform account-based alignments into geographic alignments, ensuring a more territory-centric approach. Additionally, it automatically assigns unassigned zip codes and accounts, streamlining the organization of sales data. The Clean Up Tool also addresses and rectifies non-contiguous sales territories, ensuring geographical coherence in your mapping. Furthermore, it resets account overrides, thereby maintaining the integrity and consistency of sales territory assignments. This comprehensive feature in AlignMix 2024 significantly simplifies the process of maintaining and optimizing sales territories, districts, and regions. It provides a crucial aid in refining and enhancing sales strategies by ensuring accurate, well-structured, and geographically-aligned territories.

Omitting Data From Exports

AlignMix 2024 introduces a pivotal feature for users focusing on sales design alignment and territory mapping: the ability to omit or exclude specific data sets from exports. This functionality offers unprecedented control over the data being exported. Once a data set is selected for exclusion, all subsequent exports will automatically omit this specified data, ensuring that only the most relevant information is included in your reports and analyses. This feature is particularly beneficial for tailoring exports to specific needs and objectives, allowing users to streamline their data management and maintain focus on critical aspects of their sales territories, districts, and regions. AlignMix 2024's ability to customize data exports enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of sales strategy development and implementation, making it a valuable tool in the arsenal of sales design professionals.

Merging AlignMix Files

If you have purchased the Canadian FSA map then you will need to download and install that pack from the email that you received right after purchase. If you cannot locate that email, then please email the AlignMix team and we will send you the download link for the Canadian FSA shapes.

Install German Map into AlignMix

For Pro Users you can install the Germany Map for free. You can then create sales territories for Germany at the 5 digit post code level. These post code shapes are a 2016 vintage so they are not up to date but they can still be used to create sales territories for Germany. Free maps may change over time. If you are unable to locate the Germany map just let us know and we will get back to you with some help.

People Placement Tool

If you have purchased the Canadian FSA map then you will need to download and install that pack from the email that you received right after purchase. If you cannot locate that email, then please email the AlignMix team and we will send you the download link for the Canadian FSA shapes.

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