New Features in Latest AlignMix 2016 Release

We\’ve just released a new update for AlignMix. It\’s a significant update and includes some cool new functionality. This will most likely be the last big update before the official launch in April (don\’t worry, there\’ll still be a free version after April).

You can download and install the new version here (install over the top of the last version – no need to uninstall last version)

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Thematic Maps:

You can now create beautiful thematic maps for zip codes and territories. You can quickly see the highs and lows across your map. Pick the color scheme from the gallery or choose your own. The view can be customized to your own needs. You can define the number of thematic buckets, their breakpoints and their color.

District / Region Maps:

Use Touch Align to assign territories to district or regions. This makes creating the first level of management so much easier. Simply select the district map view and Touch Align. Them click to create districts and move the mouse to include more territories.

Multi-Core Rendering Engine:

AlignMix now makes use of the latest CPU technology and renders the maps using all of the available processor cores. This means it\’s super-smooth to pan and zoom the map, making for an even more enjoyable user experience.

Runs Better on Older Machines:

We\’ve made some changes which enables AlignMix to run on older machines. If your laptop had problems running AlignMix, give the latest version a try. It will most likely run with a problem.

UK & Australia Post Codes:

We have test version of UK and Australia available. Send me a note if you\’re interested in testing these geographies.

Let us know if you have any questions,

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