How to Design Effective Sales Territories

How to Design Effective Sales Territories for Maximum Efficiency Crafting an effective sales territory plan is critical for any sales-driven organization aiming to maximize productivity and efficiency. This blog post will guide you through the essential steps for establishing equitable and high-performing sales territories. We'll start by examining the importance ...

Importing Sales Reps into an Existing Alignment Map in AlignMix:

The video demonstrates how to import sales reps into an existing alignment map in AlignMix using data from an Excel spreadsheet. Pre-Import Check: Before importing sales reps, it is recommended to check whether reps have already been added. Use the radial tool by right-clicking on a sales territory, then click ...

Optimizing Excel Data for Seamless Import into AlignMix

Setting up data in Excel for import into AlignMix is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and accurate sales territory design process. The following key points summarize the best practices discussed in the AlignMix tutorial video: 1. Consistent Data Label Placement: Ensure that all data labels, such as territory ...

Mastering Sales Territory Design: Best Practices for Optimal Results with AlignMix

Introduction: In the dynamic realm of sales, effective territory design is a crucial component for success. AlignMix, a powerful sales territory design and mapping tool, provides users with innovative features to streamline this process. In this blog post, we'll explore key best practices for creating optimized sales territories using AlignMix. ...

Avoiding Common Pitfalls: What NOT to Do When Creating Sales Territories with AlignMix

Introduction: Creating effective sales territories is a critical aspect of maximizing sales efficiency and overall business success. However, certain pitfalls can hinder the optimization process. In this blog post, we'll explore what NOT to do when using AlignMix, a powerful sales territory design and mapping tool. 1. Having Sales Reps ...

What Is Sales Territory Design?

In the world of business planning, one often-overlooked aspect is the strategy of sales territory design. As businesses expand, the need to efficiently manage and organize sales territories becomes vital. But what exactly is sales territory design, and why is it crucial for the success of your sales force? Sales ...
1 Minute Tips

1 Minute Tip Part 12: AlignMix Ai vs. AlignMix Pro

Territory Thematics and Analysis
In this 12th and final 1 Minute Tip video you will learn about the differences between the different versions of AlignMix. We will also cover the pricing for each version of AlignMix. [section] AlignMix Pro is the flagship version of AlignMix. In this version all the territory design work is ...

Launch of AlignMix AI

AlignMix AI
You can now use the Zip Code Search tool to locate Zip Codes in your sales territory maps. Simply type [ctrl+f] to pull up the search box, then type in the zip you are searching for. The search tool will automatically zoom to the zip code you are searching for and ...

AlignMix 2021 Launch Webinar

AlignMix AI
We're pleased to announce the immediate availability of AlignMix Pro 2021. This is a free upgrade for all current AlignMix Pro user. You can download the set-up from the AlignMix Pro download page.
Helpful Tips

District Properties

The district properties allow you to change the name, ID, assigned sales district manager, and assigned region all from one easy to use view. The ability to create districts and regions is available only to AlignMix Pro users. AlignMix pro users are able to create three levels of hierarchy. By ...
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