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Missing Sales Territories

If you have only imported sales account/client data, you will notice that little icons will appear all over the map, but no geographic sales territories have appeared. This is because the account import is just that; accounts being imported. During the account import you may have also included the assigned ...
Helpful Tips

Importing Sales Reps and Managers

In AlignMix you can import a sales personnel roster directly into the software and have all the assignments automatically created. If you are using the Pro version, you will be able to import district and region managers. By default, sales territories are assigned to districts and districts are assigned to ...
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Importing Sales Accounts

The account import will place icons on your sales territory map representing the location of every sales account. If you use an account ID for the sales account import you will see that the software will locate any duplicates and merge the data into one icon on the map. Using ...
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Exporting Maps & Data to a PowerPoint Presentation

This sort video shows you how to use Python to create a PowerPoint presentation from the data exported by AlignMix. Links: GitHub Repository: Python Distribution: Udemy Course:
Helpful Tips

Where is the Territory Label?

When importing or creating sales territories you may notice that sometimes you will notice that one or two labels are missing. Most often this situation will occur with Alaska and Seattle. AlignMix by default will center the label over the largest mass of that territory. With Seattle and Alaska that ...
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Changing Territory, District, and Region Colors

Changing Territory, District, and Region Colors | AlignMix
When creating sales territories in AlignMix or any other sales territory mapping application you need to easily change the colors of territories so that you do not have two territories side by side that are the same color. When this happens its hard to tell where one territory ends and ...
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Importing Sales Reps

Importing Sales Reps | AlignMix
[ux_video url=\"\"] In AlignMix you are able to have sales reps assigned to sales territories. In the Pro version of AlignMix you can also have district managers assigned to districts and region managers assigned to regions. You can create the sales reps manually from within the AlignMix software or import ...
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Territory Tables

Territory Tables | AlignMix
The territory table view shows all the sales territories that you have created in an easy to understand and use table view. In this table all the data is summed up to the territory level. You can also edit the territory ID/Name, assign/reassign sales reps, and assign/reassign the sales territories ...
Helpful Tips

Territory Lasso Tool

Territory Lasso Tool | AlignMix
The territory lasso tool operates the same way that the zip code lasso does. You simply click and drag out an area that you want lassoed. The main different between the tools is that the zip code lasso tool will lasso zip codes and then you can lasso a custom ...
Helpful Tips

AlignMix Options

AlignMix Options | AlignMix
The AlignMix options allows you to customize the appearance of your maps and what terms are used for each level of hierarchy. The options can also be used to set AlignMix to low resource mode which will allow slower computers to use the software for mapping and creating sales territories. ...
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