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Region Assign

Region Assign | AlignMix
Creating Districts and Regions can only be created if you are using the Pro version of AlignMix. The Pro version allows you to create a hierarchy. By default, you have territories assigned to districts, and districts assigned to regions. These terms are set by default and can be changed by ...
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Lasso Tool

Lasso Tool | AlignMix
The lasso tool allows you to lasso zip codes and/or accounts. When you let go of the lasso tool you will see a summary of everything you have just lassoed. From this summary view you can then view the zip code and account tabs that will show you everything you ...
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Territory Properties

Territory Properties | AlignMix
The territory properties is where you can easily change the name and ID of your sales territory and also change the sales rep assignment and district assignment. From these properties you can also lock the territory, change the color and also view a summary of all the data sets and ...
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Where are my Sales Territories?

Where are my Sales Territories? | AlignMix
There are many ways to import your data into AlignMix. Sometimes when you import data you may not see what you were expecting to see. For example, when you import a list of your sales accounts that includes the assigned sales territory and sales rep you may expect to see ...
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Exporting Full Zip Code List

Exporting Full Zip Code List | AlignMix
AlignMix allows you to export a full list of every zip code that exists in your AlignMix file. This same process applies to any country that you are using. If you are working on a map for Canada, then this process would export the Canadian FSAs into an excel file. ...
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Assign Territories to Districts

Assign Territories to Districts | AlignMix
The Pro version of AlignMix allows you to create a three-level hierarchy. You can assign sales territories to districts and districts to regions. By default, the three levels are called territories, districts, and regions but you can change this in the AlignMix options. If your organization only uses two levels, ...
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Delete Sales Accounts

Delete Sales Accounts | AlignMix
 Any data set that is imported into AlignMix can be deleted with just a few clicks. You can delete all of the data in the map or you can delete data in a small section that you lasso. You can also delete individual accounts with data if you imported ...
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Rename Sales Territories

Rename Sales Territories | AlignMix
By default, AlignMix will name newly created sales territories “territory 1, Territory 2, Territory 3, and so on”. If you have imported your own sales territories those territories will reflect the same names that you imported but when you add a new sales territory it will also start at “territory ...
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Sales Territory Batch Export

Sales Territory Batch Export | AlignMix
The batch export tool allows you to easily export all of your sales territories as image and excel files with just a few clicks. Many AlignMix users use the batch export to share the newly created sales territories with sales reps before finalizing the territory alignment. Any label and layer ...
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New Global Dataset Update

New Global Dataset Update | AlignMix AlignMix has gone global! We\'re excited to announce the release of the new Countries of the World dataset for Pro users of AlignMix. You can now create sales territory maps by grouping countries together. For the purpose of importing or exporting your data, each country is identifies by their ...
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