Elevate your team’s expertise with AlignMix training, customized to fit your schedule. Choose between a single intensive day or two focused half-day sessions, conducted on-site at a location of your choosing.

Our adaptable training program accommodates up to eight participants per session, guiding them from novices to proficient users capable of effectively designing and overseeing sales territories with AlignMix.

This comprehensive course provides a deep dive into both the practical application of the AlignMix software and the strategic principles of sales territory design.

The participants will learn the following:

- The installation process for AlignMix.
- Deciphering “base geography” and essential preparatory inquiries.
- Diverse data types that can be integrated into AlignMix and their preparation for import.
- Step-by-step guidance on data importation and troubleshooting common data issues.
- Utilizing four different visualization techniques within AlignMix for data analysis.
- Creating an “Alignment Index” to quantify and improve territory alignment.
- Applying thematic maps to identify key areas of alignment.
- Analyzing alignments using AlignMix’s chart view.
- Evaluating the “compactness” of a territory for efficiency.
- Ensuring territory contiguity with quick verification methods.
- Setting up detailed table views for managing territories, districts, and regions.
- Mastering navigation and customization of maps.
- Implementing dynamic labels for territories to reflect changes.
- Using the radial menu tool for in-depth territory information.
- Reviewing and managing territory-specific properties.
- Creating static layers to represent current sales structures.
- Assigning sales representatives to specific territories.
- Effectively utilizing three distinct alignment modes within AlignMix.
- Adjusting territory boundaries with TouchAlign.
- Constraining territories within predefined geographical limits.
- Selecting and realigning territories accurately with circle select and lasso tools.
- Reassigning specific zip codes or accounts.
- Exporting maps to PowerPoint and batch exporting maps and reports for presentations.
- Integrating with Google MyMaps for extended geographical sharing.
- Optional techniques for importing AlignMix maps into Tableau for advanced analytics.

Our flexible AlignMix training options ensure that your team not only achieves technical proficiency in using sophisticated sales territory mapping software but also acquires strategic knowledge for real-world application, paving the way for enhanced sales territory management and alignment optimization.

The on-site training also offers the opportunity of having an AlignMix expert discuss your specific needs and how to deal with your data and structure.


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