On-Site AlignMix Training

Get your team up to speed on AlignMix training at the location of your choice.

A one-day on-site training course is available for up to eight people in each session. This training takes the participants from absolute beginners and teaches them everything they need to design and manage sales territories using AlignMix.

The course covers the technical skills needed to operate AlignMix effectively, and the theory behind sales territory design.

The participants will learn the following:

  • How to install AlignMix
  • What is the “base geography” and the questions you need to ask before you choose your base geography
  • The different types of data you can load into AlignMix
  • Preparing data to be imported into AlignMix
  • How to load data into AlignMix
  • Spotting errors in your data (and how to fix the common errors)
  • Four ways to visualize your data using AlignMix
  • What is an “Alignment Index” (and how to create one)
  • Using a thematic map to highlight the alignment hot spots
  • Using AlignMix’s chart view to assess the alignment
  • How to measure a territory’s “compactness”
  • A quick way to see if a territory is contiguous
  • Setting up and configuring a table view for territories, districts, and regions
  • Navigating the map
  • Customizing the map
  • Add dynamically changing labels to a territory, district, or region
  • Finding information about a territory, district or region using the radial menu tool
  • Inspecting a territory’s properties
  • Creating a static layer from the current territories, districts, or regions
  • Assigning a sales rep or manager to a territory, district, or region
  • The three different alignment modes and how to use them effectively
  • Using TouchAlign to change the territory boundaries
  • How to confine a territory to stay within a state (or other static layer)
  • When and how to use the circle select tool
  • How to lasso an area of the map
  • Realigning specific zip codes or accounts
  • Exporting maps to PowerPoint using the clipboard
  • Batch exporting maps and reports
  • Exporting to Google MyMaps
  • Importing a AlignMix map into Tableau (optional)

The on-site training also offers the opportunity of having an AlignMix expert discuss your specific needs and how to deal with your data and structure.

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