Preparing Your Sales Territories for the New Year

This educational webinar will show you how to quickly and easily get your sales territories into shape for the New Year.

You’ll learn:

Five important reasons you need to assess your sales territory alignment on an annual basis (two of them are often overlooked)
How to break the preparation down into the three key phases (this will help to clarify your thinking)
Five pieces of customer data that must be updated each year if the sales force is to maintain a high level of productivity
How to identify potential territory changes that need to be made
Who should be involved in the territory update process (and, maybe more importantly, who shouldn’t be involved)
Tips on making the actual territory changes (this could save you lots of time)
A time consuming task that almost everyone forgets to plan for when updating their sales territories (this can often delay the project timeline if it’s not accounted for at the start)
Tips on how to rollout the changes to the field

We will be using AlignMix throughout the session but this isn’t a hard-sell webinar. It’s provided to help you clarify your thinking and properly integrate sales territory design best practices into your annual planning process.

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Every Friday at 9 am Eastern during December

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