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AlignMix Set Up


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The “Expert Configuration” package from AlignMix is a comprehensive three-hour training module designed for in-depth understanding and effectively utilizing the AlignMix software. This package, usable anytime and without expiration, is ideal for those looking to master sales territory design, mapping, and management.

Key aspects of the package include:

  • Comprehensive Installation and Setup: Participants will gain knowledge about the installation process of AlignMix, an understanding of base geography, and essential preparatory inquiries.
  • Data Integration Mastery: The package covers diverse data types and their preparation for import into AlignMix. This includes step-by-step guidance on data importation, along with troubleshooting common data issues.

The training delves into the advanced features and functionalities of AlignMix:

  • Advanced Visualization and Analysis Techniques: Participants will learn to utilize four different visualization methods for data analysis, create and apply an Alignment Index, and use thematic maps for detailed alignment analysis.
  • In-depth Territory Management: The course includes evaluating territory efficiency and contiguity, managing territory-specific properties, and mastering navigation and customization of maps.
  • Dynamic Territory Adjustments: The package uses AlignMix’s Touch Align feature to adjust territory boundaries and teaches selective territory realignment tools, such as circle select and lasso.

Additionally, the package offers:

  • Practical Tools and Exporting Capabilities: Skills in assigning sales representatives to territories, exporting maps and reports for presentations, and integrating AlignMix maps with Google MyMaps and Tableau for extended sharing and analytics are also included.

The “Expert Configuration” package is tailored to equip users with a holistic understanding of AlignMix, ensuring they are well-versed in all aspects of sales territory management, from basic setup to advanced analytics and reporting. This training is invaluable for those looking to leverage AlignMix for optimal business performance.


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