Quickstart Tutorial2018-08-21T16:47:20-04:00

This short 10 minute tutorial will get you up to speed on using AlignMix.

You’ll learn:

  • How to import your data into AlignMix (and the type of data which must be present)
  • The basics ways to navigate around the map (and some time-saving shortcuts)
  • Customizing the map by adding, deleting or changing different elements
  • How to use Touch-Align to easily make adjustment to the territory boundaries
  • An easy way to ensure a territory doesn’t cross the state line (this will save lots of frustration)
  • How to use the lasso tools to re-assign accounts and zip codes
  • Exporting your data from AlignMix as a map or an Excel report

When you’d like to dig deeper into each topic you can find more details tutorials on our How-To Videos page