Sales Territory Batch Export

The batch export tool allows you to easily export all of your sales territories as image and excel files with just a few clicks. Many AlignMix users use the batch export to share the newly created sales territories with sales reps before finalizing the territory alignment.

Any label and layer that you have enabled on your alignment map will also be included in the batch export. If you have your account segments toggled to on, then they will also be shown in each image that the batch export creates. The same thing applies to any sales territory labels that you have turned on, on the map. If you do not want any additional layers to appear you simply need to turn them off by clicking on the view tab and then turn off the layers you do not want exported. You can also turn off the labels and layers by using the configure layers options and then turning off the layers from that view.

The batch export will also sort your sales territories into district folders. This makes organizing your sales territories very easy. Simply select the sort into district folders option and then export will create a district folder and then place each sales territory that is assigned to that district into that same folder. You can also have each of these folders created as a zipped/compressed file just in case you wanted to share a smaller file with other people.

You can also omit territories and districts from the export by hiding them in the territory map. To hide a territory, you can right click on the territory and click on hide. You can also use the territory properties and click the check boxes for the sales territories that you want to hide. Then simply run the batch export as you normally would, but this time the territories that are hidden will not be included in the batch export.

If you created a triple level hierarchy (territories assigned to districts, and districts assigned to regions) you can then use the region table view to hide all regions except for one. Then you can run the batch export. This will basically create a region level batch export. You will then need to rerun the batch export for every region while creating region folders.

The batch export creates two files for each sales territory. An image file and an excel file. The image file will show you the sales territory centered in the image and will show any layers and labels that you have set to on in the AlignMix map. The surrounding sales territories will also be shown if you do not select “hide other sales territories and districts”. We recommend selecting this option if you plan to share these files with sales reps. This way the sales reps will only see one sales territory in the file and none of the other sales reps sales territories. The excel report can have three worksheets in the workbook. The first one will show you a list of every zip code that is assigned to this one sales territory. The second worksheet will show you a full list of every account that is assigned to the territory even if it is an account override. The third and final tab will show you the image of the sales territory. Identical to the image export that comes with the batch export but this time it is inside the excel file. This is why many users use this excel report to share with the sales reps before finalizing and implementing the new sales territory design.

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