Sales Territory Design Services

Do you need to realign your sales territories? Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Have your sales territories designed by experts in record time and target the right customers and prospects.

Our heritage is consulting. We’ve designed sales territories for some of the world’s largest sales teams. We’ve worked on Sales Territory Design projects in the US, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Contact us to discuss your specific alignment, design territories, objectives for sales opportunities:

5 Advantages of Getting Us To Create Your Sales Territories

  1. We have world-wide experience designing sales territories. We can spot, and avoid, problems before they happen
  2. We developed AlignMix — so we know it inside and out!
  3. Using us frees you up to do other things (e.g. change management)
  4. Speed – because we know the technology and the sales territory design process so well, we can complete projects in record time
  5. You have access to a range of routines not yet incorporated into AlignMix (e.g. disruption reports)

Sales Territory Design Process

Our six-stage Sales Territory Design process is robust and proven. It’s been applied globally to realign the sales territories of some of the world’s largest sales reps for territory management.

1. Kickoff & Project Design
  • Assess available data sources
  • Integrate local requirements into process
  • Establish points of contact & communications links
  • Validate time-frame
2. Data Collection & Cleaning
  • Collate data
  • Carry out data assessment to validate data quality
  • Create Master Data set
3. Design Criteria
  • Measure of workload
  • Team structure
  • Number of territories
  • Alignment Index
  • HR Principles
  • Communication Principles
4. Preliminary Design
  • Use AlignMix to create initial alignment
  • First pass carried out by Cozmix
5. Fine-Tuning with First-Line-Managers
  • Meet one-on-one with First-Line Managers to fine tune alignment taking into account local situations
  • Assign people to territories
  • FLM signs off on each territory they manage
6. Handover & Rollout
  • Create list of territory assignments
  • Print out maps of each territory
  • Communicate new alignment to the field
  • Establish handover time frame and principles

Contact Us

Fill out your details if you are interested in our Sales Territory Design services and would like to know more as we are looking to increase your sales force and efficient sales team.

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