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Everything to do with sales force mapping software, tools and process

New Countries of the World Base Geography

We’re pleased to announce the release of a Countries of the World dataset for Pro users of AlignMix. You can now create sales territory maps by grouping countries together. For the purpose of importing or exporting your data, each country is identifies by their International 3 Digit ID. All the usually sales territory mapping tools […]

Sharing Maps and Data

Save Maps and Data

Sharing Maps and Data Sharing maps and data after you have completed a sales territory redesign project is extremely important to the majority of AlignMix users. Sales reps, district managers and Region managers may want to preview what sales territories look like before going life and confirm if certain accounts are assigned to the correct […]

1 Minute Data Load Challenge

1 Minute Data Load Challenge

AlignMix really excels when it come to loading your sales territory mapping data. It’s faster than any other sales territory design software. To prove the point we wanted to see just how fast AlignMix could load the following three data set: Zip to Territory, District & Region (41,000 zip codes, 99 territories, 10 districts, 3 […]