1 Minute Tip 10: Territory Optimizer

In this tenth 1 Minute Tip Video you will learn how to use the territory optimization tools. These tools are only available in AlignMix AI and will not be accessible in AlignMix Pro


The sales territory optimizer has been in the making for over a decade. The programmers at AlignMix labs have made several amazing breakthroughs making the AlignMix optimizer not only the fastest sales territory optimizer but in many was also the best.

The territory optimizer tool allows you to create, balance and optimize all of the territories on your map all at once. If you are starting from scratch AlignMix will create all of the territories for you. No matter what

You can also optimize different sections of your map without impacting the rest of the country. Using the touch optimize tool you can select 2 or more territories to balance and optimize. This process can also add or remove territories in the selected area.

The zip code lasso tool is typically used to lasso an area and create a new territory within that lassoed area. But now in the AI version you can lasso an area and have the optimize tool create and optimize the territories that are found in the lassoed area.

The final tool that is found in the AI version and not in AlignMix Pro is the batch rename tool. This tool will rename all of your sales territory names and IDs. This is a massive time saver especially if you have created a lot of new territories.


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