Update AlignMix’s Geography2018-07-10T16:11:06+00:00

This tutorial shows you how to add, or update, a base geography to AlignMix.

  1. Always make sure you have the latest version of AlignMix (if needed Download and install over the top of the existing installation)
  2. From AlignMix select “File->Import -> Geography Pack”
  3. Select the Geography Pack you’d like to install (usually with the extensions “.alg”)
  4. Click next to install

To upgrade a territory design (i.e. an AlignMix file) so it uses the new Geography Pack do the following:

  1. Open the file which you’d like to upgrade
  2. Select “File -> Update Geography”
  3. Select the new geography from the drop-down and click “OK”

The new geography and boundaries will be imported into the alignment. Save the file.