Where is the Territory Label?

When importing or creating sales territories you may notice that sometimes you will notice that one or two labels are missing. Most often this situation will occur with Alaska and Seattle. AlignMix by default will center the label over the largest mass of that territory. With Seattle and Alaska that label will fall over the Alaska area and you won’t see the label when looking at just the contiguous United States.

If you see no labels appear on your sales territories that means that you may not have the labels turned on. To Turn on the labels you first need to click on the view tab at the top of the screen and then click on the territory label button. Another way to turn on the labels for all the sales territories is to open up configure layers, select territories, and then make sure the checkbox for labels is checked. In this view you can also add additional territory labels by clicking the green plus button.

The label will also appear when you lasso an area on the map. Any data set that has been set as the territory label will appear and increase as you increase the diameter of the lasso tools. This applies to all of the lasso tools.

The most common reason for a label to not appear is that the sales territories are non-contagious and the label is actually hovering over another part of that territory. Many companies combine Alaska into Seattle and this is where the label will most often look like it is missing. The label is there but when you have the continental USA displayed you will not see the label because its centered over Alaska. To move the label to the Seattle part of the sales territory you will need to right click on the territory and then click on territory properties. Below the drop-downs you will see a button that says “set clicked” if you click this button the label for the territory will be shifted to the are where you have right clicked on. If you have this Seattle/Alaska issue, then simply right click on Seattle and click set clicked. This will move the label to hover over the Seattle portion of the sales territory.

If you have multiple non-contiguous areas of the sales territory you can move the label to any of those by either clicking the “set clicked” button or changing the number in the field next to “set clicked” The number 1 means that the label is set to appear in the largest part of that territory. If you change the number to 2, then the label will appear in the second largest part of that sales territory. If there are three non-contiguous parts of the sales territory then you can type a 3 and then the label will appear in the third largest portion of that sales territory.

The same methods for moving labels can be used at the district or region level. You can only create districts and regions if you are using the Pro version of AlignMix. If you are using AlignMix standard then you will not be able to build a hierarchy in the AlignMix software.

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