Where to Start When Creating New Sales Territories

Creating Sales territories does not have to be over complicated. For creating a basic first time sales territory design you can follow the guidelines below.

Know How Many Sales Territories

When starting a new sales territory design project you should always have a number of sales territories to start with. This number can always be changed in the future, but you need to have a firm sales territory number decided before starting a new sales territory design.You need this number in order to create a sales territory index that will allow you to create balanced and optimized sales territories based on the total number of sales territories you plan to have.

Number of Sales Territories

Data for creating Sales territories

Use Data

You can use any type of data from demographic data, sales data, potential data, or proxy data. Any of these data sets can be used to help create sales territories. If you create a sales territory Index you will be able to use all the data sets as part of the sales territory index. You do not need to have data to create sales territories, you can simply create sales territories based on mileage or any other criteria your organization has decided to use. 

Start in the Corners

When creating brand new sales territories its best to start in the corners of any geography you are working on. This is best practice that we use when creating sales territories for our clients. Starting in the corners allows you to create and complete sales territories and work your way to the inside of the country. This helps prevent the territory domino effect when you need to squeeze in a single sales territory in the middle of a map by chipping away from every surrounding sales territory. 

Start in the Corners

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